Read_448 – Crypto, Truth & Power [Erik Cason]

“I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto, Whoever he/she/it/them is/was, was first and foremost a strategist of the cypherpunk traditions. This is extremely important because we need to understand the motivational ideology was not one of any sort of state capitalist nature, or idiotic wealth fantasies of lambos and other childish bullshit, but an explicit crypto-anarchist one.”Erik Cason

Cryptography was, before anything else, a weapon of war.

How can this perspective inform the type of revolution Bitcoin truly enables? As a re-codification of the relations of power between the state and the individual, what does a system like Bitcoin do to the world? When authority is replaced by truth, as the source of legitimacy, nothing in the world will remain unchanged.

The original article by Erik Cason and the fascinating blog where he covers tons of other topics just like this:

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