Read_444 – Things Bitcoiners Don’t Want to Hear [Shinobi]

“I am talking about the inability to confront shortcomings with layers of the system. The inability to confront substantial threats or attack surfaces that are not being worked on in terms of creating solutions and defenses.” – Shinobi

Being bullish is tons of fun, and getting cosmic about the impact & world shattering implications of Bitcoin is even more so… but sometimes we need to take a sober step back, and remember that this is just code at the end of the day. It is a network, with trade offs, limitations, and many problems to overcome. A great piece from Shinobi (@brian_trollz) taking a hard look at Lightning, mining, and Bitcoin’s censorship resistance as it stands today, and reminding us to stay focused on the problems, not get lost in our dreams of the future.

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