Read_435 – Discovering Bitcoin #7 – Missing Pieces [Giacomo Zucco]

“As we conclude our “Discovering Bitcoin” series, we will build on the use of digital signatures and of the CoinJoin paradigm to explore concepts of unique chronology, mining fees and off-chain transactions.” – Giacomo Zucco

The conclusion of the amazing “Discovering Bitcoin” series, starting from cavemen and the very concept of hardness all the way to off-chain payments and the Lightning network! Listen to the entire series for the conceptual history of money, its virtualization, its corruption, its redesign, and the new paradigm we are now entering. A huge thanks to Giacomo for putting this together and to Bitcoin Magazine for having such awesome content to cover!

Check out the previous parts if you haven’t yet!
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Part 4 – A Wrong Turn:—Discovering-Bitcoin-4—A-Wrong-Turn–A-New-Plan-Giacomo-Zucco-ei2k64
Part 5 – Digital Scarcity:—Discovering-Bitcoin-5—Digital-Scarcity-Giacomo-Zucco-ei9ln3
Part 6 – Digital Contracts:—Discovering-Bitcoin-6—Digital-Contracts-Giacomo-Zucco-eil37c

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Much love to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network for sharing this show out with their audience, and the other excellent shows they produce for the Bitcoin space!

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