Read_433 – Bitcoin is One for All – Part 1 [Parker Lewis]

“By manipulating price levels, the Fed isn’t just preventing smaller intermittent fires from naturally running their course while creating larger fires down the road. Instead, think of the Fed’s actions as the arsonist that lights a fire, leaves through the back door in the middle of the night, and then is celebrated as the hero when it arrives through the front door to fight the fire with gasoline.” – Parker Lewis

May the “Gradually, then Suddenly” series never stop!! Another fantastic piece from returning author Parker Lewis and the amazing Unchained Capital Blog. We read the first half of the latest in the series, “Bitcoin is One for All.” The nature of prices, the nature of the Fed, the imbalances in the economy, the arsonist starting the fire, and the gasoline that makes the burn hot, fast, and impossible to stop. The very mandate of the Fed is antithetical to the nature of money. Find out why in this excellent new installment.

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