Read_412 – Bitcoin’s Town Square [Zane Pocock]

“Mempools are the centerpiece of the entire Bitcoin economy. And they are totally underrated.” – Zane Pocock

Today we dig into a unique mental framework of the Bitcoin mempool and how to understand its significance and the fascinating role it plays in the global bidding war for Bitcoin block space. A work by first time author Zane Pocock at, Guy reads “Bitcoin’s Town Square” & expands on exactly how he views the open information market working tirelessly to find the right price for a Bitcoin confirmation.

The original article with numerous other great links in the read:

An essential piece mentioned in the read is Hayek’s essential work:
The Use of Knowledge in Society Part 1—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-1—F–A–Hayek-e43pfj
The Use of Knowledge in Society Part 2—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-2—F–A–Hayek-e444k0

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