Read_410 – Entering the Decade of Lightning [Elizabeth Stark]

#Bitcoin as protocol has huge potential: it’s like the TCP layer, but no one has built the HTTP layer yet.” – Elizabeth Stark

Today we read an article from earlier this year on the massive advances we have seen in Lightning since its inception, and the awesome potential it has for the future. Written by Elizabeth Stark, co-founder of Lightning Labs, and followed by a long rant about all of the tools I’ve been using and the amazing things that are made possible with them!

Entering the Decade of Lightning, by Elizabeth Stark

Links Below of all the incredible services and wallets available to begin experimenting with:
Breez Wallet:
Zap Wallet:
Blue Wallet:
Muun Wallet:
Wallet of Satoshi:
Fold App:

And don’t forget SwanBitcoin for the best damn sleep in the world, regard of which stupid mattress you bought. Auto buying Bitcoin every week and waking up to that sweet notification that you have safely and securely stacked more bitcoins.

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