Read_402 – Human Rights Foundation Funds Bitcoin Privacy [Aaron Van Wirdum]

“At the moment, the Bitcoin network is improving but is far from as usable and private as it needs to be with authoritarianism and surveillance on the rise in many countries,” – Alex Gladstein

Another great piece by Aaron Van Wirdum made available at, today it was announced that the Human Rights Foundation, a great force for liberty and privacy across the globe, has turned its focus toward directly funding Bitcoin privacy projects thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor.  Starting with funding an implementation of an awesome privacy development called coinswap, and with another grant soon to be announced, the future of Bitcoin privacy is yet again, just a little bit brighter!

Check out the original at Bitcoin Magazine for more links to explore this privacy technique as well as others:

To make a donation yourself to the CoinSwap project, check out the link below:

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