Read_388 – Bitcoin is a Catalyst for Human Evolution [Brandon Quittem]

“Mycelial networks act as a resource transport layer and communications network connecting organisms in the biosphere. This enables organisms to voluntarily trade resources and knowledge across species lines. Increasing trade leads to increased specialization (division of labor), further increasing biodiversity (wealth and resilience) in the ecosystem.”
Brandon Quittem

After the long wait, we are finally covering Part 4, the conclusion, of Quittem’s incredible “Mycelial Money” series, exploring Bitcoin as a catalyst for the evolution of our species. Drop some applause here 👏🏻->

Listen/Read parts 1-3 below:
Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism 1/4:
• Audio:—Bitcoin-is-a-Decentralized-Organism—Mycelium-Part-1-e2sarg
Bitcoin is a Social Creature 2/4
• Audio:—Bitcoin-is-a-Social-Creature–Mycelium-Part-2-e3iq3u
Bitcoin is the Antivirus 3/4
• Audio:—Bitcoin-is-the-Antivirus-Brandon-Quittem-e4vmac

Danny Hillis – Back to the Future of 1994:

Use of Knowledge in Society:—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-1—F–A–Hayek-e43pfj—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-2—F–A–Hayek-e444k0

Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability:—Money–Blockchains–and-Social-Scalability-e2ndsj

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