Read_379 – Dont be Misled by Red Herrings – Treatise on Bitcoin & Privacy Part 2 [Giacomo Zucco]

“It is the digital equivalent of your physical bank sending private investigators to follow your every move for days after you withdraw cash at the ATM, and then freezing or confiscating your bank account entirely if that PI comes back with a report that says that “you may have,” with some probability, engaged in controversial actions with that cash.”  – Giacomo Zucco

A great closing the Giacomo’s Treatise on Bitcoin and Privacy at Bitcoin Magazine. What are the Red herrings we have to navigate to determine the truth of privacy on Bitcoin, and the many (non)alternatives. Is there a perfect privacy option, or do they all come with numerous costs and explicit trade-offs? 

Check out the original article over at Bitcoin Magazine, plus the thousands of other great pieces on everything you could ever want to know about Bitcoin and the history of this space:

Listen to Part 1 if you haven’t yet:—A-Match-Made-in-the-Whitepaper—Treatise-on-Bitcoin–Privacy–Part-1-Giacomo-Zucco-ech00u

Here is the video thrown together by myself and a few other great Raleigh Bitcoiners, Living on Bitcoin in 2020 – What its REALLY like:

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