GuysTake_28 – Bitcoin & The Layers of Financial Cryptography

A follow-up to yesterday’s incredible read from The Nakamoto Institute by Ian Grigg, The 7 Layers of Financial Cryptography. Today we dig into what the reality of financial cryptographic systems as they have been developed & secured through Bitcoin.  What philosophy and mentality informed it all, and where did it differ from Ian’s vision, and where was he able to see what would come about?

Mentioned in the show for further exploration:
Bittorrent Lessons Part 1 –—Why-BitTorrent-Mattered-Lesson-1-Simon-Morris-e3ghrs
Bittorrent Lessons Part 2 –—Not-Breaking-Rules–Youre-Doing-it-Wrong-BitTorrent-Lesson-2-Simon-Morris-e3grft
Bittorrent Lessons Part 3 –—Intent–Complexity—Governance-Paradox-BitTorrent-Lesson-3-Simon-Morris-e3h2uj
Bittorrent Lessons Part 4 –—Decentralized-Disruption–Who-Dares-Wins-BitTorrent-Lesson-4-Simon-Morris-e3hek4

Inventing Bitcoin by Yan Pritzker:

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