GuysTake_025 – Money, Networks, Blockchains, & Bitcoin

The much deserved Guy’s Take episode as a dedicated follow-up to the amazing work of “The Bitcoin Time Vol 1.” There just wasn’t enough time to do it justice during the read, so today I give my take on the plethora of ideas conveyed in Alek Svetski’s awesome work!

Don’t forget to listen to the audio if you haven’t yet! Part 1 and 2 linked below:
Part 1 –—Blockchain-is-Dead—The-Bitcoin-Times-Vol-1—Part-1-Aleksandar-Svetski-e8r9ar
Part 2 –—A-New-Monetary-Network—The-Bitcoin-Times-Vol-1—Part-2-Aleksandar-Svetski-e8rqi1

As I said, the ideas in this piece are many & very dense. We’ve had entire episodes expanding on these topics that are great for a deeper journey down the rabbit hole.  Here are some links to those past works that will elaborate on the many topics.

• Money blockchains social scalability—Money–Blockchains–and-Social-Scalability-e2ndsj

• Bitcoin can’t be copied—Bitcoin-Cant-Be-Copied-Parker-Lewis-e58g11

• Independent property rights—Bitcoin–the-Promise-of-Independent-Property-Rights-Hasu–Su-Zhu-e3j6b8

• I, pencil—I–Pencil-Leonard-E–Read-e2ndqm

• How The Internet is Too Complex to Work—The-Lightning-of-my-TCP–or-How-the-Internet-is-Too-Complex-to-Work-e32omd

• Reckless to Wumbology – The Lightning Build Out—Reckless-to-Wumbology–The-Lightning-Network-Build-Out-Arjun-Balaji-e3235m

• Origins of Money—The-Origins-of-Money-Nick-Szabo-e2ndom

• 7 Misunderstandings of Bitcoin’s Scaling Problem—7-Misunderstandings-of-Bitcoins-Scaling-Problem-e2ndtf

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