GuysTake_024 – But Lightning Enables…

Finishing up our Lightning week on the show, I’ve got a Guy’s Take on all the different applications I think are viable here in the early days of Lightning, and also what decentralized projects may make sense on Lightning, but are pointless as “utility tokens.”

• Sat4Ads (The real BAT)
• Why utility tokens are backwards economics
• Fold, BitRefill, & Lolli
• Making Bitcoin bills make sense
• Watchtowers for decentralized backups
• A new e-commerce?
& tons more!

Here’s some more great listens to go deeper down the rabbit hole with today’s discussion:
• Minimum Viable Decentralization [Simon Morris]—Minimum-Viable-Decentralization-e3lfo9
• Estimating and Minimizing Consumer Worry [Nick Szabo]—Estimating-and-Minimizing-Consumer-Worry-e2ndo7
• Richard Myers on a Lightning Powered Global Mesh—Richard-Myers-and-a-Lightning-Powered-Global-Mesh-e4e6ga

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