"I hope Bitcoin sticks around and grows more popular, but in its current form to most in #TradFi it is the opposite of SOUND MONEY, especially if it takes cult-like behavior to make it grow. It needs the STATE to force its use on everyone. That is what makes it MONEY."

~ Samantha LaDuc

Today we dive into the enlightening twitter thread from financial analyst Samantha LaDuc on why Bitcoin cannot be and is not money, one of which is because money is enforced by the state, but that's only just the beginning.

We witness another instance of the unfortunate confidence where people in finance mistakenly think that because they deal with money, and numbers, and charts, and P/E ratios, that this means they understand *money.* A very, very different discipline that is meaningful over far, far larger time horizons. So let's take a peak into this world view, and then in the spirit of debate… tear it apart. I think you'll enjoy this one 😜

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“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

~ Aldous Huxley

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