Guy’s Take #64 – No Way Back, Only a Way Out

There is no magic wand. There is no such thing as a free lunch. When we bail out an institution, a bank, or “depositors” for billions of dollars, someone else LOSES billions of dollars worth of wealth. Their life got harder, their job got cut, the car they needed became less affordable, the house they hoped for their family stays out of reach, they PAID for it. Unfortunately, our government and central bank is either not mature enough to realize that magic is for children, or they are robbing from us knowingly and destroying the lives of the people on purpose, and simply don’t care. Either way, there is no way back, our only option is a way out.

Today we finally dive into the SVB insolvency and the wider banking crisis. An episode that turned quickly from a meticulous set of notes into an hour long rant that basically ignored all of them. Enjoy

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“The most egregious falsehood regarding economic health that is nonetheless widely believed is surely that we ought to measure it by the magnitude of goods and services consumed. This is dangerous nonsense.” – Allen Farrington, Sacha Meyers
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