Guy’s Take #61 – Blockchains, A Square Peg for Round Holes

There are about a million claims out there as to what blockchains are going to fix, and how NFTs are going to be used to unlock your house, and how DAOs will be used to enforce and decide laws, but what truth is there to this really? And more importantly, does a blockchain really solve these problems? What are the inherent trust issues, and where are the vulnerabilities? Today we dive into this concept and cover many of the most touted “use cases” for blockchain and talk about what could be needed to solve them, and whether blockchain is just a square peg for a round hole.

Mentioned in the episode are two highly recommended reads for further digging and to understand more precisely some of the ideas behind Guy’s Take in today’s show:
Green Eggs and Ham:
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Bitcoin is the Great Definancialization:

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