Guy’s Take #54 – CTV, Blockspace Debt, & TX Grenades

[Caveat – A critical piece of the puzzle I lay out in this episode was something I incorrectly understood, which makes this entire thought experiment moot. I explain further in Guy’s Take #55]

Today I want to isolate the problem I brought up briefly in the previous CTV episode and expand on how I’ve been exploring the concept and how it might be a problem to the economics of transaction fees and how it alters the liability of who pays for the cost of the data. I think this relates to issues from the past with soft forks like P2SH, and possibly even flipping the economic incentives to the reverse, and that CTV commitments should be more accurately thought of as “blockspace debt.” With this new framing, might there be a way to purposefully abuse this, a “Transaction Grenade” if you will? We explore this in today’s episode. Don’t forget to like and share the show with all your friends!

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