CryptoQuikRead_366 – What’s Happening in Financial Markets? [Caitlin Long]

“Every single co in the industry invested badly at the same time… every single competitor made the exact same mistake, in the same direction.” – Caitlin Long

If you missed the epic Twitter Thread from Caitlin Long on the state of the global financial markets, and how we managed to find ourselves in such a disastrous, then worry no longer. Now Audible, followed by Guy’s commentary on the concepts she outlines, her excellent episode on Pompliano’s show, and on the fundamental economics that had gone awry to bring us to this ultimate end.

Link to the original thread below:

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Check out the episode with Pomp to hear her expand on these ideas:

Previous reads mentioned in the commentary that will help shine a light on the fundamental economics being violated by our central banking system.
Use of Knowledge in Society by Hayek
Part 1:—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-1—F–A–Hayek-e43pfj
Part 2:—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-2—F–A–Hayek-e444k0
• Distrust in Lebanese Banks Spurs Bitcoin Boom by Timour Azhari—Distrust-in-Lebanese-Banks-Spurs-Bitcoin-Boom-Timour-Azhari-eb6val

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