CryptoQuikRead_345 – Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money [Parker Lewis]

“Money is an intersubjective problem, and a choice to opt into one monetary medium is an explicit opt out of the other, which in turn causes one network to gain value (and utility) at the direct expense of another.” – Parker Lewis

Skipping around a little bit in the “Gradually, Then Suddenly” series, we read the most recent (#12) published on the Unchained Capital Blog. No, Bitcoin isn’t a startup. No, there will not be many currencies. No, you can’t create an alternative that doesn’t compete with Bitcoin’s monetary properties. The very problem of money is one of intersubjectivity, which can only be solved through convergence on a single monetary medium. Bitcoin.

Listen to this excellent installment from Parker Lewis and the Unchained Team. “Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money.”

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Also mentioned on the show was Nick Szabo’s excellent piece, “Money, Blockchains, & Social Scalability.”—Money–Blockchains–and-Social-Scalability-e2ndsj

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