CryptoQuikRead_337 – The Tyranny of Time Scarcity – Bitcoin Times Ed 2 – [Robert Breedlove]

“Gold, the ancient and prevailing monetary sovereignty layer (representing an unmanipulable money supply), and the internet, the ultimate engine of exchange (representing global interconnectivity or liquidity). By combining and building upon the economic properties of both, Bitcoin is a momentous monetary innovation that has achieved the divisibility, portability, durability, and recognizability of pure information infused with the absolute scarcity of time.” – Robert Breedlove

Don’t miss the continuing journey through The Bitcoin Times 2nd Ed, with Breedlove’s excellent piece, “Bitcoin & the Tyranny of Time Scarcity

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Other works discussed in the commentary:

• Knut Svanholm’s “Sovereignty Through Mathematics”  
Part 1 –—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-1-Knut-Svanholm-e7tak7
Part 2 –—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-2-Knut-Svanholm-e7vgr1
Part 3 –—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-3-Knut-Svanholm-e8198t
Part 4 –—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-4-Knut-Svanholm-e851te
Part 5 –—Sovereignty-Through-Mathematics—Part-5-Knut-Svanholm-e86lbt

• Parker Lewis’s “Bitcoin Can’t Be Copied”—Bitcoin-Cant-Be-Copied-Parker-Lewis-e58g11

• Hayek’s “Use of Knowledge in Society”
Part 1 –—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-1—F–A–Hayek-e43pfj
Part 2 –—Use-of-Knowledge-in-Society-Part-2—F–A–Hayek-e444k0

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