CryptoQuikRead_322 – The World Has Gone Mad… [Ray Dalio]

The World Has Gone Mad, & the System is Broken. Ray Dalio drops a bomb recently with his post showing the sorry state of our money, the cracks in our world monetary system, and the coming paradigm shift.  A short piece that requires much ranting, don’t miss it.

Link to the original post and Ray Dalio’s twitter page:

Other great works mentioned in this show:
The Case for Electronic Cash
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How is Fiat Money Possible – Parts 1-3—How-is-Fiat-Money-Possible-Part-1—Hans-Hermann-Hoppe-e3odu1—How-Is-Fiat-Money-Possible-Part-2—Hans-Hermann-Hoppe-e3oon2—How-Is-Fiat-Money-Possible-Part-3—Hans-Hermann-Hoppe-e3p2k1

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