CryptoQuikRead_305 – Addressing Security Concerns with the Casa Node [Jameson Lopp & Brian Lockhart]

Recently, a bit of Twitter drama has arisen from a post that started with @JWWeatherman_‘s disclosure of a perceived critical bug in the Casa Node device. Today, to start off a discussion of home network security, what self-signed certificates do/don’t guarantee, and the general trade-offs between security and usability, we read CasaHODL‘s blog post responding to JW’s concerns, and then we get Guy’s take on this as a Casa Node user.

Decide for yourself and let me know what you think.  Below is a link to the Casa Blog post, as well as JW’s thread where he lays out his concerns:

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Disclaimer: Casa does not sponsor this show and has not contacted me about reading this post.

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