CryptoQuikRead_297 – Simplifying Lightning, The “Noinput Class” [Aaron Van Wirdum]

Today we take a dive into the future of Lightning and one of the amazing developments to make it simpler and more reliable, the new sighash flags referred to as the “Noinput Class.” Who better to take us through it than Aaron Van Wirdum & Bitcoin Magazine?

Our recent interview with Aaron Van Wirdum, the extraordinary author of this work and 100s more:—Investigating-Bitcoin-with-Aaron-Van-Wirdum-e4rt9e

Don’t forget to check out the original article for extra clarity on how it works, and of course for the many other great articles at
The “Noinput Class”: How a Bitcoin Soft Fork Could Simplify Lightning
Miniscript: How Blockstream Engineers Are Making Bitcoin Programming Easy(er)

Other great reading for SigHash Flags and other Bitcoin scripting details:
Raghov Sood‘s Blog post on signature types’s Extensive Guide to Transactions

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