CryptoQuikRead_287 – Money is a Social Network – Money, Bitcoin & Time [Part 2 – Robert Breedlove]

The network effects that tie society together through its community, language, and money are both incredibly powerful, and very difficult to measure. We continue with Robert Breedlove‘s broad piece covering all of the core ideas that make Bitcoin the powerful innovation it is, and detailing exactly what it is changing, with a deep historical context.  

• Money is a social network
• “Hardness” is #1
• The 7 characteristics of a monetary good
•  The nature of prosperity
• How economies grow

So many fascinating concepts and related stories to share on this one.  In the next section we will start back with “The Economic Nervous System” and how the natural emergence of prices creates the incentives to organize and direct our actions. So much more to come, don’t forget to subscribe!

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