CryptoQuikRead_284 – Bitcoin is the Antivirus [Brandon Quittem]

Our monetary system has confiscated trillions in resources and value by corrupting the very incentives that keep our economy healthy and resilient… in that world, what role does Bitcoin play?

Today we read and discuss the fascinating metaphors in Part 3 of Brandon Quittem’s excellent series on the Bitcoin Organism – “Bitcoin is the Antivirus to Uncertainty”

Don’t forget to check out Parts 1 & 2 below, links to the audio as well as the original articles.
Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism:
Part 1 Audio:—Bitcoin-is-a-Decentralized-Organism—Mycelium-Part-1-e2sarg
Bitcoin is a Social Creature:
Part 2 Audio:—Bitcoin-is-a-Social-Creature–Mycelium-Part-2-e3iq3u

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