CryptoQuikRead_280 – My Path to Bitcoin Maximalism [Ben Perrin]

Today we read an excellent article by Ben Perrin (@Btcsessions) laying out an excellent argument that reveals #BitcoinMaximalism as the meticulous and thoughtful position it actually is.  Rather than the arbitrary, religious, & closed-minded position many altcoiners would want you to believe.

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To dig a little deeper into topics mentioned in this episode, here are a few other works I recommend:
Unpacking Bitcoin’s Social Contract by Hasu—Unpacking-Bitcoins-Social-Contract-e2oct5
BetterHash – Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining… by StopAndDecrypt—BetterHash–Decentralizing-Bitcoin-Mining-with-new-Hashing-Protocols-e4nn6i
Bit Gold by Nick Szabo—Bit-Gold-e4o0vp

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