CryptoQuikRead_275 – Bit Gold [Nick Szabo]

There were many precursors to the Bitcoin system, but IMO, none came as close to correctly defining the problem, & solving the key issues of trust as Nick Szabo‘s Bit Gold concept.  Reading another great piece made available by the Nakamoto Institute, we read and discuss the incredible prescience of Szabo through one of Bitcoin’s forefathers, Bit Gold.

Check out the amazing collection of literature at the Nakamoto Institute and see the original piece at the link below:

Other great work from Nick Szabo includes the #1 must read of anyone who wants to understand Bitcoin, “Shelling Out, The Origins of Money”—The-Origins-of-Money-e2ndom
Securing Property with Owner Authority:—Securing-Property-with-Owner-Authority-e2ndqs
Another I forgot to mention that pairs well with today’s episode, “Formalizing Network Realtionships”—Szabos-Formalizing–Securing-Network-Relationships-Part-1-e3953d
And Lastly @Hasufl and @zhusu’s piece “Bitcoin and the promise of Independent Property Rights”—Bitcoin–the-Promise-of-Independent-Property-Rights-e3j6b8

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