CryptoQuikRead_270 – Investing in Bitcoin [Hasu & Su Zhu]

Today we read yet another great piece by @hasufl and @suzhu available on on the core value offered by Bitcoin as a system and the high level trends in macroeconomics and technology that could lead to enormous future demand for just such an asset.  

A big thanks as always to the amazing work produced by Hasu and Su Zhu. You must check out their blog over at where you can find many other great works for understanding Bitcoin’s nature. Below I’ve linked to the ones we have covered previously on this show:

An Honest Account of Fiat Money:—An-Honest-Account-of-Fiat-Money-e2ndo3
Unpacking Bitcoin’s Social Contract:—Unpacking-Bitcoins-Social-Contract-e2oct5
Bitcoin and the Promise of Independent Property Rights:—Bitcoin–the-Promise-of-Independent-Property-Rights-e3j6b8
Bitcoin As a Hedge Against the Cashless Society:—Bitcoin-is-a-Hedge-Against-the-Cashless-Society-e3l5ne

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