CryptoQuikRead_268 – Major Developments in LND 0.7

Tomorrow we have an awesome interview with Roy Sheinfeld all about the Breez Lightning service!
To set the stage, today we dive into the recent Lightning Labs Blog post on the incredible improvements in the 0.7-beta release. Followed with a fun discussion on the major developments and what it will mean for the UX, reliability, and further improvements of the Lightning ecosystem. If you need you Lightning Fix, this is where you’ll find it.

Don’t forget to follow the blog and Twitter handles to stay up on what the Lightning Labs team is building!  Development is happening at a lightning fast pace and the team is straight fire!
The amazing team (twitter links included):

Check out the interview that Stephan Livera did with Conner Fromkneckt for a more in depth discussion of Wathctowers:

And the earlier episode mentioned on “Lightning Wumbology!”—Reckless-to-Wumbology–The-Lightning-Network-Infrastructural-Build-Out-e3235m

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