CryptoChat_018 – Investigating Bitcoin with Aaron Van Wirdum

Today we have on the show one of the best journalists in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Aaron Van Wirdum!  We chat about his path to finding Bitcoin, his process in investigating protocol developments, social impacts of paradigm shifting technology, the growing need and coming battle for privacy, his most anticipated new tech, and much more!  

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Here are a number of the previous articles of Aaron’s that we’ve now got in audio + commentary:

Statechains: Sending Keys Not Coins—Statechains–Sending-Keys-Not-Coins-e4mue1
Bitcoin as a Privacy Coin—Bitcoin-as-a-PrivacyCoin-e2ndpr
Understanding Lightning Parts 1-3—Understanding-The-Lightning-Network-Part-1-e2ndtd—Understanding-The-Lightning-Network-Part-2-e2ndt4—Understanding-The-Lightning-Network-Part-3-e2ndtc
Genesis Files:—Genesis-Files—With-Bit-Gold–Nick-Szabo-Was-Inches-From-Inventing-Bitcoin-e2ndr5—The-Genesis-Files-Hashcash-or-How-Adam-Back-Designed-Bitcoins-Motor-Block-e2ndrl
Atomic Swaps: How Lightning Extends to Altcoins—Atomic-Swaps–How-the-Lightning-Network-Extends-to-Altcoins-e2ndsm

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