Chat_88 – Broken Money, Broken World with Lyn Alden

"You got to go from proto banking to full service banking and then to central banking and you know interconnected central bank. So now a lot of that is actually a technological story and I don't think it gets covered enough because most people covering it. Historians and economists aren't necessarily looking at the lens of technology and at most they'll give a caveat like oh the telegraph allowed this.
But it's like no, that's actually not like a footnote.That's a core thing that happened, that changed everything.
And so that's why I wanted to focus Broken Money on not just individual decisions but actually how technology dictates the changing money over time."

~ Lyn Alden

Today we have a riveting conversation with Lyn Alden, the acclaimed author of 'Broken Money,' as we delve into the inevitable march of technology and how it has shaped the world of money, ethics, and politics from the gold standard, through the fiat era, and on to Bitcoin. We explore the pitfalls of the fiat system and Bitcoin's transformative role in our monetary future. Lyn's unique blend of engineering and financial expertise offers a fresh perspective on how technology shapes our economic landscape, revealing insights into the future of money and investment.

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