Chat_86 – Everything on Bitcoin with Robin Linus & Super Testnet

It's often said that Bitcoin is too limited, that you can't build anything interesting on top of the Bitcoin chain… what if that was not only true, but that there were no limits? What if literally anything you could write into code, any program, app, game, theoretically even an entire operating system could be constructed such that its valid execution determined the ownership of Bitcoin? What if there were no limits, and you could build everything on Bitcoin? Today we dive into BitVM with Robin Linus and Super Testnet. A virtual machine built entirely in Bitcoin script, with no soft fork needed. This could change everything.

Links for further exploring:

⁠BitVM whitepaper⁠


⁠GitHub – supertestnet/tapleaf-circuits: A proof-of-concept implementation of BitVM for bristol circuits⁠

⁠Telegram: Contact @bitvm_chat⁠

⁠яobin linus 😺 (@robin_linus) / X⁠

⁠Robin Linus⁠

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