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WEN MOBILE!? No more do we have to ask because Keet mobile has finally arrived! Download from the App Store or Google Play to check it out and join us in the P2P revolution. This is only the beginning, a foundation for an entirely new way to interact on the internet and we dive into all of it with many questions you sent to me to ask Mathias and Paolo who are breathing life into new P2P, fully encrypted applications. You don’t want to miss it.

Everything to check out to dive into the P2P revolution:

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“Cypherpunks write code. We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy, and since we can’t get privacy unless we all do, we’re going to write it. We publish our code so that our fellow Cypherpunks may practice and play with it. Our code is free for all to use, worldwide. We don’t much care if you don’t approve of the software we write. We know that software can’t be destroyed and that a widely dispersed system can’t be shut down.” – Eric Hughes
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