Chat_094 – Pessimism, Optimism, & Rationally Passionate Ranting with Clint Russell

"As far as I'm concerned, there's no obvious increased danger from the CCP having control over our access or our information or even modifying the algorithm, than it is the alphabets of the world or the METAs of the world or the CIA or the FBI's of the world, like these people… as far as I'm concerned, the United States federal government is way more of an existential threat to me than the CCP. I'm domiciled here, they have the ability to fine and tax and sanction and imprison me for wrong think. That's a way more clear and present danger."

~ Clint Russell

The bill to ban Tiktok, the risks of legislative "solutions," blaming technology for cultural decay, the death of personal responsibility, the second wave of the banking crisis, the systemic problems of fractional reserve, and the possibility of a path out of all of this mess. All this and more in our winding chat with Clint Russell of the Liberty Lockdown and The Best Political Show podcasts. Don't miss this one.

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