Chat #66 – Will the Real Web3 Please Stand Up, with John Carvalho

“Our goal is basically to realize this concept we have created called the atomic economy. This is just my way to create a narrative and mental model to represent hyperbitcoinization, or a future world where we actually broke free from having government regulations control the economy, having big tech control our data, and having big banks control our assets. If we actually ended up in that world, what would it actually look like?” – John Carvalho

Today we dive into an amazing conversation with John Carvalho that I’ve been eager to get at for a while now. Through Bitcoin and Lightning we have inadvertently been given the Holy Grail of a decentralized web, millions of individuals with a public and private key pair. Do we really need this bloated & scammy system with 10s of 1000s of shitcoins and blockchains for everything? Or is there something far simpler, and more fundamental that could be the beginnings of something massive? Find out in today’s interview with the Bitcoin OG, cypherpunk, CEO of Synonym… John Carvalho.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible stuff being built by Synonym:

Mounting a Torrent to your file system with HyperCore:

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