Ai Read_006 – How (Actually) Open AI Wins

"As I see it, humanity is at a turning point where we must either embrace a small handful of totalitarian super intelligences or move AI to the edge, allowing a wide diversity of machine intelligences to flourish in cooperation with an equally diverse set of human intelligences, forming a truly decentralized hivemind. Fortunately, there’s mounting evidence that open source models will be the ultimate winners."

~Hivemind Ventures

Our read from HiveMind Ventures today argues that the future of AI development hinges on embracing open-source models and decentralization to counteract the monopolistic tendencies of large corporations and governments. What if we already have the tools and foundations to create a genuine decentralized hivemind of human and artificial intelligences that change how we organize and progress. What if these tools are right under our nose, today? Would you want to know what they are?

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