AI Read #001 – A Gentle Introduction to Large Language Models

"Our first instinct when interacting with a Large Language Model should not be “wow these things must be really smart or really creative or really understanding”. Our first instinct should be “I’ve probably asked it to do something that it has seen bits and pieces of before”. That might mean it is still really useful, even if it isn’t “thinking really hard” or “doing some really sophisticated reasoning”. We don’t have to use anthropomorphization to understand what it is doing to provide us a response."

~ Mark Riedl

Today we dive into a great piece from Mark Riedl attempting to demystify ChatGPT and large language models. Are they thinking? do they understand reason? Can we even understand what is happening inside these intelligent machines or have we created something we cannot control?

What if the truth is far simpler, and actually easy to understand? And we can cut through all the hype, fear, and confusion, to get at the heart of what this technology really is, and what an incredible tool it can be.

Don't miss this incredible piece.

Check out the original article – and drop tons of applause – at A Very Gentle Introduction to Large Language Models without the Hype | by Mark Riedl | Medium (Link:

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