#010 – Tools for Running Local LLMs

Today we dive into a few of my favorite tools for running LLMs locally on your machine, even the average consumer machine. With a huge variety of models to choose from and varying levels of customization and presets, these will get you started on running your own Ai, and getting the pieces necessary to connect them into micro apps and other parts of your workflow. Not only are these huge productivity boosters to have, but it's also just a ton of fun to play around.

For the large list of links to these and so many other AI tools to check out, go to bitcoinaudible.com/ai (Link: bitcoinaudible.com/ai)

Links to the tools and the models mentioned in the episode

  • GPT4All (Link: https://gpt4all.io/index.html)

Models mentioned

  • Stablelm-zephyr (small & fast)
  • Mistral Instruct (good overall, imo)
  • Hermes (less likely to lecture you)
  • Llama2 (great base model)
  • Llava (text and images, multimodal)

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