#002 – Bias & Truth in AI with Aleks Svetski

"This is the first time we've interacted with anything other than a parrot that can string together a coherent sentence. And it sounds stupid, but it's actually true. So we are anthropomorphizing, we are projecting our own consciousness onto this thing, and we are immediately imagining Terminator, Minority Report, God knows what else we are imagining – the Ray Kurzweil's of the world – we're imagining that all of a sudden, that's it, we unlocked it, basically we have discovered God. We did it. To me that's such a mix of naivety, ignorance, and arrogance that it's not even funny."

~ Aleks Svetski

We have an awesome conversation kicking off episode 2 of AI Unchained today with Aleks Svetski, who is currently building a not-yet-public project in the AI world. He brings a very unique perspective that tries to bring back a bit of perspective to the imaginations gone wild on the world ending possibilities of AI. What is the truth of it? And can we instill "truth" in these machines? Can we make them "objective and unbiased?" Or is there something both inherently foolish and presuming in even the attempt of such a thing, that we can prevent making the same mistakes of the past. Don't miss this crazy conversation.

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