Keet, P2P Encrypted Communications To Integrate Lightning [Namcios]

“Holepunch makes Hypercore more accessible by abstracting away low-level technical details of the protocol. It takes Hypercore one step further by simplifying the architecture and enabling more people to build apps with it — which enabled a single frontend developer to build Keet in under four months” – Namcios

Keet is going to change the game. P2P encrypted and decentralized, video, audio, and file sharing. Built on Holepunch and Hypercore, a technology stack that has the potential to drastically impact how we send and receive data, and connect to each other on the internet. If we are to have a true Web3, this might just be a window into what that is going to look like. Not 1,000 bullshit tokens, not a bunch of VC investors and token gambling, but fast, P2P, encrypted, private data sharing. You don’t want to miss this episode.

Link to the original at Bitcoin Magazine:

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