ITS ALIVE!! Brandon Quittem & Der Gigi on the Bitcoin Organism

“Life is like fire, not water; it is a process, not a pure substance. […] The simplest, but not the only, proof of life is to find something that is alive.”

Christopher McKay

The author of the incredible Bitcoin Mycelium series, Brandon Quittem, & the author of the 21 Lessons of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole, Der Gigi, join me today for a 2 hour marathon exploring all aspects of this crazy beast we call Bitcoin.  What does it mean to be alive? What exactly is Bitcoin? Does it work for us, or do we work for it? And if this is a new form of life, how will it change the world? Don’t miss this awesome Cryptoconomy Chat.

Brandon Quittem
Bitcoin Mycelium Series:

Der Gigi
Proof of Life
21 Lessons of the Rabbit Hole & more:

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