If You Only Read One Thing Before Buying Bitcoin…

“By buying Bitcoin, you are not making a mistake. But if you buy Bitcoin and stop there after your first purchase, you’re making a mistake.” – Sylvain Saurel

A great introduction into Bitcoin by Sylvain that hits the most important rules you need to know before opening the door to the rabbit hole. The monetary system we know is a system the induces inequality and poverty, greed is your enemy, altcoins miss the entire point, not your keys – not your bitcoins, & this will change your life. Today we read, “If You Only Read One Thing Before Buying Bitcoin, Read These Few Lines .”

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Mentioned in the read as another essential piece to explore is Breedlove’s “Masters & Slaves of Money”:

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Part 2 – https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/Read_415—Masters–Slaves-of-Money—Part-2-Robert-Breedlove-egelgs
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