“Most Cypherpunk veterans on the Cryptography mailing list had by then seen one too many electronic cash experiments come and go, without any real successes to account for…”

“But Hal Finney, ever the optimist, wasn’t ready to give up.” – Aaron Van Wirdum

Another in the amazing “Genesis Files” series from Bitcoin Magazine, Aaron walks us through the history and the legacy of Hal Finney. From the introduction to the cypherpunks list, to the implementation of RPOW, all the way to Hal “running Bitcoin.” Another excellent installment. If you want to learn more about the history of the cypherpunks and the forefathers of the Bitcoin system, the Genesis files is not to be missed.

Link to the original, with the other installments linked below:


Genesis Files: Chaum’s eCash

Genesis Files: Wei Dai’s B-Money


Genesis Files: Adam Back’s Hashcash


Genesis Files: Szabo’s BitGold

Hal’s Bitcoin & Me:


A huge thanks to Bitcoin Magazine and the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network !

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