Drama, Drama, Toxic Drama

Curious about all the #BitcoinTwitter buzz recently?  I went digging to find the associated twitter threads & comments to read, and then discuss my own take on all the drama.  

Too long; Didn’t Listen –
• Don’t be a jerk.
• We aren’t responsible for other people’s feelings.
• If you have to choose between making someone uncomfortable & telling them what you believe to be true, speak the truth.
• Open discourse, no matter how “toxic,” is preferable to back room political fighting.  
• These are the consequences of freedom of speech.

The threads in question, plus one I only found after recording the episode (unfortunately) by @TheBlueMatt that’s related to the discussion.
@soonaorlater (Soona)
@nwoodfine (Neil Woodfine)
@TheBlueMatt (Matt Corallo)
@Excellion (Samson Mow)

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