Discovering Bitcoin Part 3 Introducing Money

“The goods that fare better in hardness, scaleness and darkness will compete, and the first one to reach a critical mass will start swallowing the others, as far as monetary uses are concerned.” – Giacomo Zucco

Continuing with the excellent series from Giacomo and Bitcoin Magazine, “Discovering Bitcoin: From Cavemen to the Lightning Network,” we dive into Part 3 – Introducing Money . Building of the base concepts of savings in order to acquire time, of durability in a good to store that time, to investment in order to create greater productivity, and then to exchange and specialization, we finally introduce the ultimate good enabling cooperation on a massive scale, Money.

Listen to Parts 1-2 if you haven’t yet to get a foundation for this piece:

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Other essential reads mentioned in the Guy’s Take section for going deeper down the rabbit hole on the nature & origins of money:

Shelling Out: The Origins of Money [Nick Szabo]

Money, Blockchains, & Social Scalability [Nick Szabo]

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A huge thank you to BitcoinMagazine for making these available and to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network for sharing this out to Bitcoiners everywhere!

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