Digital Alchemy, A Post-Mortem of the Crypto Crash [Lyn Alden]

“Several exchanges in the industry fuel bubbles for a quick buck as well. If something starts to get momentum, including meme coins like DOGE or SHIB that don’t realistically have a substantial future, they promote those coins to their users, which can suck retail investors into buying the bubble top. Plus, a lot of YouTube and TikTok influencers pump small coins, and use their audience as exit liquidity.” – Lyn Alden

For those of you who may be unaware, there was a recent blow up of a deca-billion dollar LUNA and TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin. Essentially the entire market capitalization of UST and LUNA vanished in a matter of hours in a spectacular economic death spiral. How did this happen and what was the source of such an incredible risk of what had recently become one of the most promising “crypto” projects in recent months? Find out in Lyn Alden’s Post-Mortem of the Crypto Crash.

Check out the original plus Lyn’s other amazing work on her blog:

Another great piece from Lyn if you want to get ahead of the show:

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