Can Governments Stop Bitcoin? [Alex Gladstein]

“Coding, mining, infrastructure, and markets are all independent, happening in competing jurisdictions and geopolitical rivals, often done by anonymous or pseudonymous actors, all with different philosophies and goals, but with one uniting motivation: to keep Bitcoin going.” – Alex Gladstein

Bringing back an article from a year ago from the always fascinating Alex Gladstein. “Can Governments Stop Bitcoin” is a short exploration of the potential attack vectors via government bodies and how Bitcoin protects or negates them through incentives, its global neutrality, & political game theory. A fun piece to revisit with everything that has happened in the past year. Not to be missed before we get psychotically bullish for tomorrow’s episode. Subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Check out the original article below from Quilette:

Mentioned in the episode, check out Jack Mallers on WBD podcast:

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