Today we cover all the incredible new developments coming to Lightning and what they will mean for the future the protocol!  First we tackle the blog post from @Bitrefill introducing the entire list, from AMPs & submarine swaps to trampoline payments & rendezvous routing.  Then I discuss at length further details about each and how these tools together may blur the gap between Bitcoin & Lightning, and turn it into a singular experience.  Don’t miss today’s show!  

If you don’t know much about how Lighting works, I encourage you to listen to yesterday’s episode where I talk more specifically about what it is, why it will benefit the network, and how we know we can trust it.—The-What–Why—How-of-Lightning-e41pbe  

Don’t forget to check out for an awesome service where you can buy mobile minutes, gift cards, games, LN liquidity, & tons of other stuff with Bitcoin, Lightning & other cryptocurrencies.  Check out the original post on their blog below to find links on each of these for further exploration.

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