Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity [Dergigi]

“The difference between the Linden Dollar, World of Warcraft Gold, Fortnite V-Bucks, the Euro, and the U.S. dollar is in scale, not in nature. While V-Bucks are created and controlled by Epic Games (the company that created Fortnite), the U.S. dollar is created and controlled by the Fed. One impacts millions of people, the other billions. The mechanism that keeps these monies in check—the rules of the game, if you will—is the same in both cases: central decree.” – DerGigi

You don’t want to miss this incredible piece from DerGigi, another chapter released from his forthcoming book 21 Ways, Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity. On the ideas that define Bitcoin and why fiat, CBDCs, Linden dollars, and World of Warcraft gold are *virtual money* that is also digital, but Bitcoin is the first digital money that is actually real. Protected by the inescapable reality of computation. Don’t miss this one

Check out the original article at the link below, plus tons of other great works from Gigi

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