“Instead of relying on accountants, regulators, and the government, Bitcoin relies on a global network of peers to enforce rules, shifting enforcement from manual, local, and inconsistent to automated, global, and predictable.” – Yassine Elmandjra
Finishing out the great investment thesis on Bitcoin by Yassine from ARKinvest . Now the we have broken down the 4 critical economic assurances for prosperity and how the trust-based model has failed to deliver them… how does Bitcoin compare as a financial institution? Does it truly provide these assurances in a unique way, and how strong are they?

Today’s read is the second half of Bitcoin: A Novel Economic Institution :

Link to the full paper – https://ark-invest.com/white-papers/bitcoin-part-one/
Get a head start on Part 2 by going to the ARKinvest site below:


Another great piece by Yassine covered on the show,

Winner Takes All, or Winner Takes Most? – https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/CryptoQuikRead_204—Winner-Takes-All–or-Winner-Takes-Most–Misir-Mahmudov–Yassine-Elmandjra-e30vht

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