Bitcoin, A Novel Economic Institution by ARKinvest [Part 1]

“If one transaction can be censored and controlled, can’t all transactions be censored and controlled? Can’t the powers-that-be deprive participants of the ability to exchange value globally and freely?” – Yassine Elmandjra

Starting into the first half of a great investment thesis on Bitcoin by Yassine from ARKinvest . Digging into the core economic assurances of the financial system and how the legacy, trust based model of financial authority has failed in providing them. Where have they broken down, and what has fundamentally caused it? And how does it compare to the unique economic tool of Bitcoin?

Today’s read, Bitcoin: A Novel Economic Institution [Part 1]

Link to the full paper –

Another great piece by Yassine covered on the show,

Winner Takes All, or Winner Takes Most? –—Winner-Takes-All–or-Winner-Takes-Most–Misir-Mahmudov–Yassine-Elmandjra-e30vht

And Hasu’s excellent piece,

Promise of Independent Property Rights –—Bitcoin–the-Promise-of-Independent-Property-Rights-Hasu–Su-Zhu-e3j6b8

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